This is Our Story

We're the Sprayberrys and we moved to Los Angeles about four years ago to have our go at Hollywood. When we met the folks at Children In Film, they thought it would be a great idea if we documented our story. After all, our failures and successes (hopefully more the latter than the former) can be your lesson book.

So here you have it - Dylan and Ellery working through the ups and downs of being child actors - their mother and I working hard every day to ensure their success not only as actors, but also as well-adjusted members of society.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dylan's Two-Hour Transformation to Goat Boy!

Dylan recently had the exciting opportunity to work with very special makeup artist ( Tyson) on Thursday. Tyson has worked on films like Pirates of the Caribbean and many others. This is the transformation from Dylan to Goat Boy. Dylan loves being in character!

The scene is with another little boy, Timmy McCartney.

Timmy's character is playing in his room when out of nowhere this GOAT-BOY scares the ---- out of him, then proceeds to get in the kid's face! Check out the transformation:

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